Wednesday, February 11, 2009

STOP collaborate and listen

My HP kicked it last week, so pissed. The damn laptop was only two years old...there was NO REASON for it to die. But it did. & I pretty much hate HP now. I bought a cheap laptop from WalMart last night - an Acer - & it's making me really miss my HP. *sigh* I think I should have a laptop funeral for my HP. So many memories...speaking of memories, I need to take out the hard drive to get all my son's pictures out. & make a back-up copy of ALL of them since I don't have one. Duh.

Work is hitting an all-time low with it being so slow. I hate sitting around waiting. I know I'm getting paid & all that junk & lord knows I'm so thankful for that, but I want to be DOING something worthwhile...Hopefully I get the job I put in for the other day, it's a lateral transfer but sounds more busy!!! I don't know how much longer I can sit still, or how much longer they'll continue to pay me to do so...

I'm not *really* tired of couponing though. I went shopping today. I hit a high with a 67% savings at Farm Fresh today, that was rad!

I'm so tired & it's pretty early (for my standards) so I think I'll hit the sack. If no one hears from me in a couple days, please bail me out of jail for attempted murder of my LOUD LOUD LOUD neighbors (with the bad choice in music). Rot in hell frat boy yuppies! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's been FOREVER! Actually only a few weeks, but who's counting? I hate that I have an online addiction but can't really remember to update this. Or I do remember & just have nothing to write in it...hmmm.

Nothing of importance has happened. Well, I have $10.34 in my bank account & five maxed out credit cards. Yay! My shopping addiction has officially taken over. *sigh* & believe me, that STILL didn't stop me tonight. I went to the grocery store yet again (they had double coupons up to $1!!!!!!!!)...the cashier made me swell with pride as she proclaimed I was a "coupon queen." Oh dear god, here it goes...out of control! It's triple coupons at another grocery store this weekend, whee! I get my return & paycheck on Friday, mwahaha! At least I quit drinking & smoking right? Now I just spend all my money on wonder I'm a fat ass now...hahahaha!!

Speaking of fat asses, I'm totally reading this book right now that describes that "fat" issue between my mother & me. It's called "Why Moms are Weird" & has to be one of the most amazing books ever. In addition to the first one "Why Girls are Weird." I'm in love with that author. *nods* I'm only on my 4th book for the year but I'll make it to 50 this year by all means!

I quit drinking & I'm smelling my bed. I wonder if that's a bad sign? Oh shit...

Okay, so I had a relapse on Friday but there was nothing I could do about it! My friend got back from being at sea for a month...military junk. It was fun & nice to go out again! I cannot wait until March...two shows back to back, *swoon*

Oh, & I will lose weight for them. I MUST have this weight lost by April. Fuck! I'm going home in April, dear old Florida<3 I cannot look like this. I know I've had a kid & all but damn if I'm going to let it show! I need to regulate my sleep schedule again & actually DO some SLEEPING! I need to start exercising again. At least I'm not eating ALL the damn time anymore...& I'm trying to eat healthy. The no sleep is causing the caffeine OD's which is causing the bad crashes though...grrrrr! 2 months to lose weight, at least 30 pounds...dear lord where are you now?! Please exist, please help me lose my fat ass. I promise to pray & bring my kid to church & everything! My journal picture has even been changed to keep me from eating. *nods*

Oh, & dear lord, I need to get some. Please get mr perfect to just ask me out on a date even? A date would be nice. Is it wrong to be asking for this? Hmmm...

Delerium has kicked in, time for bed!!!!!!