Wednesday, February 11, 2009

STOP collaborate and listen

My HP kicked it last week, so pissed. The damn laptop was only two years old...there was NO REASON for it to die. But it did. & I pretty much hate HP now. I bought a cheap laptop from WalMart last night - an Acer - & it's making me really miss my HP. *sigh* I think I should have a laptop funeral for my HP. So many memories...speaking of memories, I need to take out the hard drive to get all my son's pictures out. & make a back-up copy of ALL of them since I don't have one. Duh.

Work is hitting an all-time low with it being so slow. I hate sitting around waiting. I know I'm getting paid & all that junk & lord knows I'm so thankful for that, but I want to be DOING something worthwhile...Hopefully I get the job I put in for the other day, it's a lateral transfer but sounds more busy!!! I don't know how much longer I can sit still, or how much longer they'll continue to pay me to do so...

I'm not *really* tired of couponing though. I went shopping today. I hit a high with a 67% savings at Farm Fresh today, that was rad!

I'm so tired & it's pretty early (for my standards) so I think I'll hit the sack. If no one hears from me in a couple days, please bail me out of jail for attempted murder of my LOUD LOUD LOUD neighbors (with the bad choice in music). Rot in hell frat boy yuppies! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

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  1. Yeah for the new lap top. You will learn to love it.

    He ate all the bread.

    I can not wait until the weekend.