Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You'll learn to hate me but still call me baby...

Wow! So I can get to this from work, amazing!!

Nope, I didn't get arrested from offing the laptop just broke & I've been unmotivated to update. Opps! Damn! Blame them!!!!

I vacationed back home in Florida last week & it was amazing. We swam, shopped, ate & rested. Along with seeing a bunch of people while doing all of the above. I didn't want to come back to awful Virginia. & of course as soon as I get back, the nasty weather greets me. GRRR! At least it's still staying somewhat warm. I actually had to use my AC for one of the days too, *gasp* (& that was only because my kid was hot, I thought it was nice & toasty at 79 degress!)

My little kiddo learned quite a few curse words this vacation. & now he's going to have to unlearn them. Quick. His grandmother offered to take him for the summer!! Well, for 8 weeks so I can take some more college courses & FINALLY get my AA. It's only taken me 9 years...*sigh* She's confirming that the daycare by her house has opennings & then he's gone. Strange. I hope he doesn't exclaim "OMG WTF?!" if she does something silly. Or call her a bitch again if she tells him no. Damn that kid picks up a lot!

I'm pretty excited about going back though! Else than the part where I'll probably be older than everyone :/ I only signed up for 1 credit hour so far, it's one required class - college success or something silly like that. If she can't take him, I can still take that class because it's on Saturday. It's 2 Saturdays in June or July and then it's over! I wish ALL classes were that fast & easy! I have to take my math & sciences, & history...that'll be hell, especially since I haven't used either in about 10 years. Maybe I'll surprise myself! I have been watching Animal Planet & Discovery Channel & the History Channel over the years! I must also remember to get heavy duty pepper spray, my coworker said it's not that great of a place at night...

I started "dieting" on Sunday, May 3, 2009. I'm psyched about it! I'm on this website called sparkpeople & it's pretty fun, I can log everything & get points & such. & I joined a group (swimsuit bootcamp or something?) that gives away a grand prize!! It started on 5/3 & ends at the end of the month, they pick a random person for the grand prize of $500!! :O I sure could use that...especially after I maxed out another card in FL, opps!! It's not really a "diet" per se, just more getting healthy options. Like NO fast food & excercising. I thought I'd hate the exercising part, but with that site, they have the videos on there for you & they're in 5-15 min increments so they're pretty fun! I like the kickboxing stuff even though it kicks my butt! I think that I might even enroll at the YMCA after my mom takes my Gremlin. They have some pretty interesting classes I'd like to Zumba for example :) I put in my weight & measurements yesterday, I check again in a week to see if anything changed! (I pretty much weigh myself every day at work though, LOL!) Speaking of work, I even used the gym we have yesterday on my break! Yipee!

& on that note, I'm going to take my morning break & go walk on the treadmill!! :)

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