Saturday, February 27, 2010

another meltdown

I almost went crazy yet again, but I luckily have a best friend here. Who is disguised as a guardian angel. For both me & my son's case. She took him for the night. So I could calm down. So I could have a break. So I could breathe again. & boy did I breathe...

It was supposed to be a nice quiet night at home including homework and CSI, but it ended up into the decision to go to A bar for A drink. Which turned into three or four or five drinks, but who's counting...right?! I had fun. I let loose (a bit)...& met an awesome band & some local dudes that let us chill on their boat! THEIR BOAT! Hell yeah!

I am not looking forward to the temper tantrum that will ensue tomorrow but I am more than greatful to my BFF that took him off my hands for one WHOLE night. More amazing than any birthday present I could ask for!

I made friends with an ex navy sailor that was born and sailed overseas, an ex law/anthropology student that decided to give it all up to sail, and a band that knew the punk rock I grew up with. It was an amazing time & now I really need to pass out. I'm sure I'll write more tomorrow, with witty commentary included, but I am so tired. And happy. Thank god!

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