Thursday, February 25, 2010

no hablo ingles

I'm fawning after a man that isn't that much into music. Is he really that great if he can't even share my love? I've done his movie thing...while fun, it's not what *I'm* into but does he even care? ALL of my ex's were musicians...but maybe that's fate trying to tell me to move the f&*$ on and try something new??? (Edward is being amazingly confusing to me, as usual)

I am trying to plan a spur of the moment trip back home to Florida. My BFF here said she'd watch my Gremlin for the day and a half I'll be gone. All of this for a show (one of my loves)...& for my friends that I'm so homesick for. Upon doing so, I'm realizing that a lot of my best friends, all of these super humanly amazing people, I met at shows. I met them at shows or because of bands, or something of the like. & that part of me has withered away & died. It's killing me. The spontaneity in my life has gone and it is truly killing me slowly. Either that, or it's making me uncomfortably mentally unstable. I haven't decided which yet...

But this is what I would be going for:

So if I do plan this trip back home, that means no new bed. Or no paying off 1 credit card. I think it's a price I'm willing to make even if it does mean I'll be scrambling for money next month... *thinks to self* "Thank god I put back half the stuff in the WalMart cart tonight!" HAHA! My sanity is worth $330, right?! Muuuch cheaper than a [head]shrink in the long run.

Tomorrow is Friday, finally. My week from hell has almost ended...psyched! Now I just have to prepare for Plan A & Plan B for this weekend. [& no, not the Plan B morning after pill kthx. Edward would actually have to show some interest in me for me to need that...pffft]

Plan A - Go to Orlando, FLORIDA <3 Dinner w/ friends/fun/sleep. Shopping & SHOW<3 Fly back to yucky ghetto state

Plan B - Stay in yucky ghetto state...Dr Seuss Birthday celebration readings & activities, birthday party (one of Gremlin's friends), get obnoxiously drunk to forget that I'm NOT in Florida, nurse hangover all Sunday.

Somehow Plan A is looking a hell of a lot both instances. We shall see! I actually need to fit in HOMEWORK in the middle of all this...uh oh! I need sleep, good night all!

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