Tuesday, January 6, 2009

everything in my life just thinks for me

Catholicism & their fanatics are the reason I question religion, God, & everything that falls in between. Specifically my mother. I mean really, where does she get off bitching about my parenting skills? I know that I'm not that great of a mom, but that my son has & will have "no goals" because I don't teach him to pray? Please. So over it.

I kept thinking about enrolling my son in a religious private school but every time my mom does something like that, I change my mind. I want him to have his own choices and questions & not be brainwashed or ostracized for having questions. I don't know enough of any religion to teach him much...& I was confirmed a Catholic. Hah! What a joke, alls I did in that confirmation class was get in trouble for talking to my best friend all the time.

I adopted Rock'n'Roll as my religion dammit. What happens when you lose it though?? Hmmm...

So anyways...my neck/shoulder/arm/back still hurt. 4 chiropractic visits later. WTF?! I think I need to just save the $30/visit & save up for a massage. I'm in pain. I don't think this guy understands. Maybe I'll go to a normal dr this week...& get some fucking vicodin!!!

Ugh, cranky...time for bed. Early tonight, when I don't have to be to work early...go figure!

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  1. Agree with you on the religion. it comes when it comes and is a personal quest for peace and serenity.

    Personal religion is often better than organized relgion. And um, he is only two!!!

    You ARE a good Mom, don't think other wise. EVER.

    The back pain.....NO VICODAN...I think that you might need to do some back strengthening exercises and a foot riser for work...we'll talk.

    Keep on writing...you are good girl!