Monday, January 5, 2009

I've got a heart-size crush on you...

I don't understand my "insomnia." I swear it only kicks in when I absolutely HAVE TO be awake early the next morning. Because any other time, I'd be passed out no problem. *sigh*

The kiddo is peacefully sleeping in his big boy bed, minus a few interruptions from mama cleaning out the closet. I now have EIGHT boxes of baby clothes to sell/donate. EIGHT! Seriously?! Where the hell did they all come from? How does my TODDLER have more clothes than me?! My friend told me the tax deduction receipts are only good if you have at least $500 worth of stuff to donate. I honestly think that if I were to finally get rid of all the junk & clutter in my apartment (which I'm planning on doing for a resolution...), it would add up to that amount. It's gotten out of hand to say the least.

On another note, [some-whatrelated I swear] I am IN LOVE with I've never really used it much until I got a gift certificate for Christmas. Now I can't get enough of it. I can do all my shopping on one site without even leaving the house!! *drool* Not that my financial crisis will be helped at all by doing this, but man it's fun to even just "window shop." I figure I'm allowed to get something once I get rid of at least some of the clutter. I mean, I have a gift certificate after all! Hopefully no one looks at my wish list on there though...I don't think my list is very mommy-like. Or sane. It goes from face wash to parenting books to vibrators. I guess you could tie it all together in some strange way if you really wanted to, but it's MY list dammit.

& on this fabulous Wish List, I have the most amazing [media] cabinet ever. Hopefully I'll have a little bit left over after taxes & paying off debts to get this wonderful cabinet. It would really help to keep the movies & cds off the ground & make the living room look somewhat neat! I need storage damn it! I have no clue why it's so freaking hard to find a furniture store that won't charge an arm & a leg for stuff. Blah. They need Goodwill here. A place so much in poverty & they don't have Goodwill...pffft...

It's 12:51am. I need to be up in about five hours to work a ten hour day & I'm not tired yet. My brain works in strange ways. We were stuck doing NOTHING until about 2:30pm today due to our retarded system being down so we are soooooo backed up now. It's nice to be busy though, I love busy! Good night!!!


  1. Hahaha....Goodwill is on Va Beach Blvd...wanna go thrifting on Saturday? I am so down.

    Love you and I LOVE your is so cool and vibrant, like you.

    Welcome to the blogoshere, girly. I hope you will like it. I will add you tonight!

    And yes, his Mama is cute too. He is my sweetie.

    B saved Chuck off the roof last sweet. I love B.


  2. Ooooh, okay! We don't have anything planned for the weekend! :) We should totally go garage saling in VA Beach too (since we'll be near there)!! Those million dollar homes have gotta have some choice things;)

    Yeah great...thanks for yet another addiction, hahahaha

    & duuuuh...I was there on my couch watching it tooooo!!! When the show turn so psycho drama?! Geez...

    See you this weekend:)