Saturday, January 10, 2009

Truth starts with lies

That was the only quote that I could remember from House at least. I decided after a month of holding onto the House DVDs that it really was a good price & I would keep it as a Christmas gift to myself. Heh. I finally openned them today! Well, the first season at least...just as awesome as it was when I first started the addiction. *grin*

I also managed to get hooked on yet another thing. Wii. I finally played it for the first time tonight & it was AWESOME! If I go missing for a little while, this would be the reason!

I was out all day & managed to finally get a digital-analog converter box...$10 thanks to govt coupon. I feel all high tech & shit now, LMAO! I also got myself some rad new knee high socks today, they make me so happy. It's the little things...*sigh*

I think I might finally purchase myself a new bra. One of those fancy posture ones. I think *that* is the reason for my back/shoulder/arm pain. I read something online that led me to this conclusion so as soon as I get a new one, I can test my theory out. Or maybe it's just my subconcious trying to get me to go out & get new pretty underwear or something?

Totally into couponing now. I've managed to get yogurt, oatmeal, nutrition bars, tissue, soap, wrapping paper, frozen veggies, broth, candy bars, cake mix, frosting, & fruit snacks for under a dollar or free!! Seriously!! I fucking love coupons!!!!!!

Unfortunate for me, I do not have coupons on clothes. I need clothes. Clothes would be nice so I wouldn't have to wear the same things every week:/ I was at Target today but didn't look at any clothes. Instead, everyone was staring at me as I stood in the furniture aile pulling my hair out with a wailing two-year old. If I would have been looking up or paying attention, I'm sure I would have caught all the dirty looks as I went a little crazy & kept repeating how much I hate kids. I do. I kinda just got caught with one & got attached. I know I'm a bad mom & I feel like shit about it, but my temper gets the best of me. He's not really a bad boy...not all the time at least. But now, because of me, he thinks he is:( He really is a smart kid...he'll be two in a little less than two weeks & is counting to 20 & starting to learn his ABC's already! I am proud of him, it's all my co-workers know of my life. I think I may talk to an air force recruiter too. If I can screw my life up in such a short time, I can fix it ... for him at least. I need to give him something to look up to since I'm the only one he's got...let's see how that goes:/ I have this problem with authority so I'm not sure how MILITARY life would work out for me. My friend told me to look at the bright side...if and when I get kicked out, at least I'd have some money saved up for my kid...hahaha

I don't know what to do & I'm always deliriously tired when I write in this thing. Definately time for bed, ugh! Hopefully it'll be nice again tomorrow & I can take the kiddo to the park!

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  1. Okay, youe not a bad Mom and I want you to stop giving your thoughts power...

    What we speak is the truth. At least you keep it real and you are honest.

    But a bad

    I would like to see you go back to college and there are many scholarships and federal funding for single moms to do so. Being away from you would just kill his spirit and you need himas much as he needs you.