Tuesday, January 20, 2009

**insert witty subject line here**

My eyes can barely stay open but I found & got on an internet connection so of course I'm fighting sleep. Duh!

The past week...

+I cleaned some, got a media rack, found my bedroom floor again...things are good! ;)
+I got rid of 11-12 boxes!!!!!!! & it went to a good cause! Wooo!!!
+NO SNOW! *whew* I was worried I've have to DRIVE in the stuff...
+W2s all in, I'm going to try to do my taxes Thurs before we go see my mom
+Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Thanks to my friend who let me borrow it, heh...
-5 credit cards maxed out, broke off my ass...woo...what else is new?!
-freezing ass weather. my heat will probably be turned off because i won't be able to pay this electric bill i'm currently running up...greeeat


Aiden turns 2 in three, no now TWO! days! Wow, crazy that I could own one of those kid things for that long & have no long term damage done to him, hahaha! & everyone keeps telling me he's avanced, YES! Now, only six more months until I can enroll him in the music school & make him a rockstar, mwahahaha


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