Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here we go...

Ok, so my kid is pretty rad. I was able to calm down a little today & just hang out with him. I took him to the park & played with him. He only wanted to play on the big kid slides, not the "baby" slides. & he fell so many times (mostly on his face) & just got up & brushed it off. Until we got home & he face planted into the parking lot...he's got a nice lovely bruise to show his daycare provider. HAH!

& I'm not joking when I said he can count to 20. He really knows his stuff. He's getting his alphabet slowly but surely. When we had Sesame Street on, he saw a letter on TV & said "R" so I looked up & low & behold, he was right! The kid's not even two yet. He's going to be smarter than mama by the time he reaches kindergarten. LOL

We ended the night by coloring. Well, I was clipping coupons & he sat next to me coloring. It was so cute how excited he got when I would stop & color a little with him.

It's 12:21 & I have to be up earlier than usual to take Aiden to his dentist appt in the morning. Of course I'm not sleepy! Grrr. I'm actually still couponing so that could be part of the reason. & I'm cooling down a chicken I made in the slow turned out okay. It's juicy as hell & falling off the bone which is AWESOME, but I just wish it had more flavor in the actual chicken. I'll learn eventually.

Speaking of cooking, I don't understand why everybody says they can''s pretty easy, just follow directions!! & I can't understand how so many people have not been exposed to different foods. & by different, I just mean not American, but can be found anywhere in America. Sheesh. I really do find it astounding. My kid will know food when he grows up. Even if I am weirded by certain things...gyros, rabbit, shark, goat. *shudder*

My couponing obsession is overpowering me. Hahaha! I'm pretty excited though...K-Mart has double coupons up to $2 all this week!! Amazing! Hopefully I can get some free stuff this week, *grin* I managed to find a way to get some free paper towels at Walgreens already, mwahahah! I also got a free Whopper by deleting people off Facebook, LOL! I told them I sold them out for food, but any of my close friends know that I would do this anyways...hahahhahaa! I also signed up to get a free "sample" of Soy Joy (to go with the 1o bars I already got for $2!) & Cream of Wheat. WOOHOO!!! Go me!!!

Now if only I could tackle this weight loss & exercise thing. I must admit, I did run after Aiden at the park today & climb all over the playground with him so I got *some* exercise. :D I doubt I'll wake up early enough to exercise tomorrow morning (er, this morning), but I will definately do so Tuesday! & I will make myself get over that fear of people seeing me thing & use my work gym on my lunch break. (Or maybe I'll just save that for after I've gotten at least a little in shape so I'm not cracking everyone up by huffing & puffing after three steps on those eliptical machines...)

Internet coupon forum time, wooo! Erm, I mean sleep time...yeah...

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